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Who we are ?



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Our first company was created in 1998. At present, it has more than 800 active consultants. This represents a total equal to 300 full-times. Among our consultants, 200 have been working with us for the past decade.

Our Group achieves an annual turnover of more than 85 million Euros for 10,000 customer references. 97 % of our consultants are happy to have chosen the portage employment and 98% are fully satisfied of their investment in our company. These very high numbers are our pride.

Almost 10% of our turnover is achieved with foreign customers. Our consultants are perfectly able to work with foreign companies. The headquarters of our company is based in Paris, in the 17th arrondissement.

The assets for our consultants

Portage employment is a major professional innovation. It’s the reason why we are the firsts to have specialised in the field in 1998. Our Group has been ISO 9001 certified by the Veritas Bureau since January 2018 and obtained the Ecovadis Silver rating for our CSR policy.

Our company is also known as a training organisation. These professional certifications are essential assets for the consultants as well as business customers. This added value allows us to attract the best consultants and offer the best services possible.

Our main mission is to make the connection between businesses and the professionals they need. Portage employment is a means situated between entrepreneurship and wage employment. Portage employment is perfectly acknowledged by the active Labour Code. The umbrella company guarantees an employee statute to the independent consultant. This system secures the consultants’ activity to work over time.

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Millions in 2018

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HR manager and HR Advisor

The assistance in the desire to undertake

The desire to undertake is a major project.  Nevertheless, the creation of a business is always complex. At Resources Manager, we assist the consultants in their formal requirements and their administrative constraints. We are an essential relay allowing to favour the company spirit.

We specialise our assistance to guide our consultants towards success. Thanks to Resources Manger, it is more than 800 consultants that can combine liberty to undertake with security of wage employment.

Our work with business customers

Since 1998, Resources Manager has been assisting the businesses’ queries. We help them define their projects and find the ideal consultant. It’s not always easy to find a service provider to achieve complex or even sensitive missions, because of confidential matters. We legally supervise the work of our consultants to allow a maximum satisfaction of the businesses which trust us.

With over 10,000 customers to our credit we and our consultants have acquired a solid experience in different fields.

Businesses’ need of flexibility

We live in a perpetually evolving world. Yesterday’s work doesn’t correspond to tomorrows expectations. Facing a changing market, businesses must be flexible and adapt. Businesses must reinvent themselves and update their knowledge. The businesses’ digital revolution is a reality to be taken into account: being surrounded by experts is unavoidable in order to evolve.

Nevertheless, recruitment of an open-ended contract professional is often difficult. This is why businesses privilege flexible solutions. Recruitment in portage employment quickly appears as an ideal solution.

At Resources Manager, we stay a privileged partner between our consultants and our business customers.

Resources manager : a simple and accessible support

Our company is the number one partner to achieve complex missions needing flexibility and expertise. Our work is to simplify the professional and business relation between our consultants and the business customers. What if you choose a quick solution for your projects ? Our team assists you step by step to define your project and quickly start it off. We allow business customers to reach plural expertise.

Our knowledge of the legal, fiscal and social system guarantees a real efficiency in the assistance. Portage employment relates to different fields.

You need a human resources expertise, in analytical accounting, in digital engineering or digital marketing ? We are available to help you. At Resources Manager, we value quality partners in the service of your need !

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