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Wage portage is a new form of work organisation. It is defined as a merge between wage work and independent work. As per the Labour Code, wage portage establishes a contractual link between an umbrella company, a freelance consultant and a business customer.

Wage portage : what is it ?

An umbrella company is an intermediate between the business customer and the consultant. The portage employees work on a number of fields. They essentially combine managers in transition, project creators, and consultants or trainers.

These experts intervene towards specific businesses. This concerns a number of fields, like web engineering, sustainable development, finance, marketing or health.

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Origins of the wage portage in France

Wage portage originated in France in the 1980’s. France is going through an unemployment period. Unemployed executives are having difficulties finding a job. In order to help them, some organisations are working on a new statute enabling to resolve this problem.

The issue ? Allowing unemployed persons to achieve paid services without being totally independent. Wage portage is born! It allows to obtain the employee statute without the registration of a firm.

The organisations enabled to make the connections between executives and business customers. The organisations hired the executives for time-limited contracts. They also established service contracts with the business customers. 

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Resources Manager by Links consultants,
a pioneer company in the field

Established at the end of 1998, Resources Manager by Links Consultants company is a pioneer of wage portage. It works in close collaboration with the Actual Group, a very important French temp agency.

We are one of the oldest wage portage companies. As of today, we are also one of the most sought-after with more than 10,000 customer references.

Resources Manager by Links Consultants has been committing, for more than 20 years, to respect a precise code of ethics. Ethics and transparency are valued in favour of business customers, of portage employees and institutions.  

The Iso 9001 from the Veritas Bureau confirms our will of commitment. Links Consultants offers a customised assistance in the establishment of your project.   

In March 2006, the « Observatoire Paritaire » (Joint Observation) for wage portage was also born. It gathers the main unions in the wage portage field (SNEPS, CICF, CFT, etc.). Its goal ? To enhance the rights and consolidate the wage portage statute. 

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