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A dedicated personal account manager during your wage portage mission



Wage portage is a tripartite relation between an umbrella company, a consultant and a business customer. It allows the consultant to remain independent while benefitting from employee advantages. This allows businesses to quickly start their projects by reducing costs and optimising the available time.

Consultants in wage portage and the business customers benefit from a dedicated personal account manager during the whole of the mission. This personal account manager ensures an optimal follow-up of each wage portage mission.

Wage portage : quality administrative support

Wage portage allows to achieve complex mission with flexibility, for the businesses as well as the consultants. An umbrella company offers a secure legal and administrative framework. This security relates to the following elements :

  • Business relation between the consultants and the business customers.
  • The legislation relating to the business
  • The respect of the Labour Code.

Mission achievement

The umbrella company doesn’t intervene in the missions’ achievement. She is, of course, available to solve potential problems. In this case, the umbrella company becomes a mediator.

With more than 10,000 customer references, at Links Consultants we are proud to work for the full satisfaction of our customers.

Links Consultants is not limited to administrative management and providing accounting credentials. Our team is available to ease the consultants’ and the business customers’ daily tasks to help them overcome eventual difficulties.

Assisting the businesses

Businesses have, as do the consultants, access to a dedicated personal account manager. At Resources Manager we are attentive to our customers’ needs. Our teams do regular reviews with the business customers. These reviews allow to identify the needs and help the consultant in achieving his mission.

Steps in achieving a mission

Achieving a mission with Links Consultants is organised in several steps :

  • Defining the needs of your business.
  • Profile suggestions of expert consultants.
  • Starting the mission.
  • Legal and business support during the mission.
  • Ending the project and reviewing the satisfaction.
  • Invoicing and terms of settlement.

During each of these steps, Resources Manager teams are available to answer to all your questions. Your success is our utmost priority.

More than 20 years of assistance

Wage portage is an ideal solution to launch and boost your activity. At Resources Manager by Links Consultants we’ve been assisting consultants and businesses since 1998Our implementation in large French cities allow us to assist consultants and businesses in an optimal manner.

Making an appointment with Resources manager teams

You wish to start a partnership with a wage portage consultant ? Our specialised counsellors are at your disposal. They will be available throughout your mission to ensure your full satisfaction.

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